In 1958

Founders Ray and Austin Nelson of the Nelson Lumber Company opened the Nelson Homes division in 1958. Their vision was to provide Americans with a complete modular home building service package that focused on modern home designs, innovative manufacturing methods, and cost-effective delivery practices. Seventy years later, with a dealer network located throughout North America, Nelson Homes has become a builder of choice for residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural projects.


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An Industry Leader In Modular Homes

Nelson's dealer network's growth in conjunction with consistent product quality and assurance of excellence has allowed Nelson Homes to become Canada's largest and most trusted modular home manufacturer in the industry.


45,000 Homes Manufactured

Nelson Homes has manufactured more than 45,000 modular homes across North America. While also delivering home packages to Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Ireland, Russia, Greenland, Japan, and China.


Product Diversity

Nelson Homes offers residential home building customers home plans that range from 600 SQFT to 4750 SQFT. This doesn't include numerous multi-unit and commercial plans that have been built by Nelson Homes across America.

Authorized Dealers

Nelson Homes are sold by authorized dealers and sales agents located throughout North America. The growing dealer network currently includes over 100 dealers, located throughout the Canadian Provinces, the Territories, and the West-Central United States including Alaska.


Product Classes

As outlined above, the companies comprehensive product line-up not only includes modular residential home plans but commercial, industrial, and agricultural building solutions.

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Residential Projects

Nelson Homes has many years of experience supplying residental bungalows, bi-levels, two-storys, 2nd dewellings, duplexes, and cottages for every family.


Commercial Projects

Nelson Homes has the capability to panelize large commercial projects. With our efficient building system, framing time and labor are greatly reduced.


Industrial Projects

Our industrial construction experience showcases our ability to complete challenging projects safely and reliably.


Agricultural Projects

Nelson has built countless agricultural building across North America.

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Whether you are searching for a Bungalow, Bi-Levels, Two-Storeys, 2nd Dwellings, Duplexes, or Cottages we have it all.