Home Manufacturing

The major components of the home, the roof, floor and walls, are manufactured in climate controlled factories, keeping the wood from the elements of nature. The result: cost savings, time savings, and superior quality.


Quality Controlled Modular Home Manufacturing

Nelson Homes’ goal is to keep manufactured homeownership affordable and attainable. One way we do this is by saving money and time through climate-controlled manufacturing. It ensures the lumber and materials remain dry and are not exposed to the elements, this way there are less warping and twisting and the lines stay plumb and perfect. A more comfortable atmosphere ensures there are no lost workdays to weather and our employees are comfortable too. That means we get your home shipped out from one of our facilities across the USA on schedule.


Save Money

  • Less labour required putting the structure up.
  • Shorter construction time frame.
  • Guaranteed price up front; there are no costly overruns.
  • Less cleanup cost at the job-site.
  • Less material waste.
  • Less job-site theft; it's hard to steal a wall panel.

Save Time

  • You’ll spend less time researching the vast array of product choices. Nelson Homes' experienced representatives will assist with your decisions, offering advice and product knowledge.
  • The Nelson system of pre-planning virtually eliminates costly and time-consuming construction errors and material shortages or overages.
  • Less labour is required to erect the structure; independent research shows a reduction of as much as 60% of framing time.
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Excellent Quality

  • All components are manufactured to strict building standards & codes, and thoroughly inspected every step of the way.
  • State of the art computerized equipment ensures precision-built components.
  • Drier lumber means less warping, shrinking, twisting, rotting or swelling.
  • Years of buying experience get you the best quality and value in all your building products.

Manufactured Home Floor Plans

The two words that describe the aim of our modular home plans are quality and flexibility. Our two-story, bi-level, bungalow, duplex, and cottage/cabin designs can be found all across the United States because we have hundreds of different floor plan combinations to suit your needs with stunning special features that you would be proud to have in your home.

Panelized Home Kits & Packages

If you want to build a new home, Nelson Homes can make the process easy, efficient, and even save you money compared to a framed option. We can deliver a manufactured home straight to your build site for a fraction of the cost. We can provide pre-built roof and floor trusses, panelized walls, and the windows and insulation to go with it—all in one convenient package.

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The Nelson Energy Wall

We build our panelized wall systems with the Nelson energy wall design.

Our factory assembled energy wall apply a 1 ¾” rigid extruded polystyrene insulation that creates a thermal break (no cold studs). This design reduces heat loss, increases energy-saving, increases R-value, and eliminates on-site costs for installing rigid installation. Exterior sheathing allows for the easy installation of any siding type. Additionally, Nelson Lumber offers optional moisture and mold resistant sheathing.

Building The Energy Wall


Truss Manufacturing

Nelson Homes has a long history of manufacturing a wide range of floor and roof truss designs through our in-house Nelson Manufacturing facilities.

Truss Plant Overview


Design Leader

We offer design services for tall walls, all types of floor systems, from manufactured floor trusses, to engineered I-joists. Our design team can assist you at all stages of your custom home construction.

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Advanced Machinery

At the factory, all cutting is computer controlled, maintaining consistent lengths and angles. Truss assembly is performed on hardware and jigs that are computer controlled and maintained. All setups are computer defined, allowing for consistent sizes and configurations, which are designed and regulated by sophsticated design software.


Experienced Employees

All designs are created by a trained on-site design team, using state-of-the-art design software. Nelson Homes will ensure that all precision manufactured components will either meet or exceed the high standards of quality set by the National Building Code. We will promptly deliver the material required to build your Nelson home based on the specifications outlined on your order.