June 16, 2021

5 Essential Landscaping Tips for Your New Prefab Home

You've just bought your new prefab home and you're excited to make it your own and show off your style. Sure, you're decorating the inside with your favourite paint and decór, but what are you going to do with your yard? Residential landscaping is the key to good curb appeal, so you want to make your yard as nice as possible. We're here to help you get started with your home landscaping project (and help you keep your lawn in great condition all year long).

Read on for our top landscaping tips for new homeowners!

1) Set Your Budget First

Many homeowners don't consider landscaping when they're setting their decorating and renovation budgets. They focus on the inside of their homes. While there's nothing wrong with allocating more money to your indoor space, don't leave your yard as an afterthought. 

While you're still in the planning process, try to set aside enough money for at least your basic landscaping needs. You want a tidy yard and

2) Check With Your HOA (If Applicable)

If you moved into a new house with an HOA, you're going to have an extra challenge. The HOA determines what you can and can not do with your home, so you're going to want to check their regulations before you make any big changes. If you're keeping your lawn simple, this shouldn't be a problem. Most HOAs don't care about basic green lawns. If you plan on adding a garden or extra decorations, however, check first so you aren't wasting money. 

3) Save Lawn Details for Later

It's tempting to set up all of your lawn decorations as soon as you move in, but you want to make sure that you have a solid base first. If you plan on having a vivid green lawn, consider having a professional install it for you. That green grass doesn't come naturally (although you will have to maintain it on your own). If you're not using plain green grass, you can move forward. We recommend planning out a native garden to support your local bee population. This is also a great way to ensure that your yard will stay healthy.

4) Remember Your Local Climate

If you're not planning a native garden, you still need to make sure that your climate is right for whatever you are planning. Not all areas can support all plant life. If your area gets a lot of rain, make sure that your plants can withstand it. If you're in an arid area, you'll want to choose plants that can survive without much water. 

5) Form and Function Both Matter

While you want your yard to be beautiful, don't forget that you should still enjoy it! There's nothing wrong with adding some "extras" to your landscape to make it comfortable and welcoming. Consider adding a seating area, like a bench in the garden or a gazebo. If you're interested in a pool, be sure to leave extra room (and money in your budget). 

Try Out These Landscaping Tips for a Perfect Yard

These landscaping tips will help you turn your boring yard into a lawn with perfect curb appeal. Whether you love the green grass and picket fence look, or you prefer a flourishing garden, you're sure to benefit from at least one of these landscaping ideas!

Are you still waiting to build your new prefab home? Are you looking for more fun home and garden tips? At Nelson Homes, we want your home to be picture-perfect. Contact us to get started on your new dream home.

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