May 2, 2022

The Most Common Options in California for a Prefab Home

If you need a place to stay in California, take the leap and invest in a fabulous prefab home from Nelson Homes. We offer fantastic units for different lifestyles.

A Bungalow

A bungalow is a small home that resembles a cottage. It will normally have one or two floors and a sloped roof.

Why a Bungalow Is a Great Home for Pet Lovers

A bungalow is a great place to raise a pet because of it has practical layout. There are no stairs in a bungalow, which is a plus for a small hyper pet.

Bungalow-style houses have an open-design that appeals to all pets. Most units will often have tall windows, high ceilings, and other airy features.

If you want a backyard for your furry friend, you should definitely buy a bungalow because a bungalow is a quintessential home for a suburban family.

Bungalow Decorating Strategies

A bungalow will stand out with neutral paints and clean textures.

Tropical plants work well in a bungalow. They will emphasis the unit's tropical vibes.

Earth tones and natural fabrics will complete the look. You can elevate a prefab bungalow with linen pillows, wicker baskets, and hemp rugs.

A Cottage

Cottages are very cozy dwellings. They're typically found in rural parts of California. A prefab cottage can serve as temporary home or a primary home.

Why a Cottage Is a Wonderful Home for a Modern Family

Today's cottages are made out of environmentally friendly building materials like timber. Timber is a beautiful wood, and it complements a garden. It's also energy efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable.

Cottages are built with interlocking components. The nature of this design makes a cottage very weather resistant. If there is a drought in California, a well-designed wooden cottage will hold up well in the heat.

Cottage Decorating Strategies

A cottage has a classic, rustic vibe, so the décor should reflect this. You can elevate a prefab cottage with

  • Fresh colors
  • Vintage pieces
  • Natural elements
  • Comfortable wood furnishings

A Duplex

A duplex is a building that has two living spaces. The spaces are usually positioned side-by-side or above one other. Most units will have two points of entry.

Why a Duplex Is a Marvelous Home for a Big Family

With a duplex, you can conveniently share your accommodations. A duplex is like an apartment because it's basically two individual homes. You could dedicate one section to your family, and the other to an elderly family member.

Duplex Decorating Strategies

A duplex is one large, blank canvas, so the possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Place attractive rugs in high-traffic areas.
  • Create a design scheme that groups the furniture together.
  • Use fancy décor to dress up the walls.

If you need blueprints for a bungalow, a cottage, or a duplex, contact Nelson Homes today. We'll be happy to help you discover which home plan is right for you!

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