December 9, 2021

Nelson Homes Attends the Building Expo in Los Angeles

Don't underestimate the importance of networking. Manufacturers of prefab homes benefit from actively participating in their dealer network. At the Los Angeles Building Expo, they can build high-quality business connections. Nelson Homes attends the Building Expo as well. Professionals in the prefab homes industry gather together to figure out house plans, network, and much more. Find out why you should also register to attend. The event is located at the Los Angeles convention center, 1201 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles from October 20 through 21.

What is the Los Angeles Building Expo?

Buyers gather together in a venue provided by Build Expo. There they can interact with a wide variety of buyers and other sellers. Most vendors go for networking opportunities and featured products. Both are rare to have all in one place, especially since the pandemic. It's also great to meet current and potential dealers.

Networking Tips

Just like any other vital skill, networking takes a little practice. Those who excel have a few trusted methods. A little practice beforehand will relieve some jitters if socializing isn't your strength. Show up early and stay late. Plenty of other vendors will be there to take full advantage of the opportunity to network. You should too.

Featured Products

Safety equipment, 3D renderings, and much more will be displayed for everyone to see. The latest in playground equipment and heavy equipment is showcased at the unrivaled venue.

Why Does Nelson Homes Attend?

Our goal is to connect with dealers. We also want to interact with up-and-coming vendors in the construction industry.

Prefab Homes

We are an industry leader in the business of manufacturing homes. Since 1958, we have worked to improve the quality of modular homes for our consumers. Our priorities are our designs, manufacturing, and delivery. Attending a recent Building Expo allows us to stay up-to-date in all these areas.

Prefab homes designed and built by us require a lot of planning and coordination for everything to go smoothly. The blueprints or house plans are already designed. We build the home in our factory in pieces and ship them to the building site where the house is constructed.

Dealer Network

By going to the Los Angeles Building Expo, we can expand our business and discover the most recent industry innovations. It's a great chance to meet new vendors and incorporate them into our current dealer network.

Register for the Los Angeles Building Expo Now!

Whether you're looking to set up a booth yourself or are looking for networking opportunities, the Los Angeles Building Expo has it all. There are many reasons Nelson Homes attends this expo and you should too. They have booths for a wide variety of construction industries. Knowledgeable experts gather together for an event you don't want to miss.

To learn more about prefab homes and house plans, contact us today.

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